Our offer
The supply of mobile phone accessories is so large that it is impossible to list all articles in this new webshop. Each month we will  place a number of new articles. Are you looking for a particular item for your phone and it is not yet on this website, you may mail to gsmplusmarkt@skynet.be

Looking for the right item?
With the search function you can type the number of the desired article or the model number of your mobile phone. You will see one or more articles that match your query.

Have you found the right article?
Have you found the correct item and placed in your shopping cart? Then you can complete your order. You can choose Paypal or European Banktransfer for European Citizen. Only for Belgium and The Netherlands  we have some more options. We refer to the Dutch version of this website.
Are you from outside Europe? You can make a request by email and we send you the right information to order your article.
All our prices include VAT. The total price is on the right side on the the order page. 
and at the left side the included amount of VAT will be shown separately.

What's happening after you send the order?
After you send your order you will receive an automatic confirmation email with our payment data, depending on your choice. Once we have  collected your payment, you will receive your order within 7 to 11 working days depending of the mailservice of your country. 

For our loyal customers: 1 Euro discount by  purchase of every 10 Euro
When you place an order you get for every 10 Euro (total article price) a discount of 1 Euro  on your next purchase. Your discount coupon code will appear on your invoice/order form and you can fill this out on your next purchase on the page where you have to select your choice of delivery and payment method.